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Looking for cold weather sleeping bags? Wenzel Grande is the best camping sleeping bag for coldest weather. The bag is not necessarily smooth and stylish. This bag is big-boned, in your face, and rugged. Above all, it is warmer than any other bag we tested and we believe its thick, overstuffed insulation and soft flannel interior is the coziest on the market. This bag isn’t about fanfare. It’s about function. And we feel it greatly makes up for in warmth and comfort all at reasonable price.

Warmth justified for each bag’s followed by its comfort, features and packed size. When we checked the results, the Wenzel Grande’s amazing warmth and incredible comfort resulted in it receiving our overall highest score.
That’s why we, hands-down, selected the Wenzel Grande as this year’s best sleeping bag for camping.

Wenzel Grande 0 Degree Sleeping Bag, Wenzel Company

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At the chance of sounding like a broken record, we want to say it more time: the Wenzel Grande is that the warmest bag we slept during our testing period and a bit like our “broken record” lead-in sentence, this bag is old-school. Scoring with 100% satisfaction for warmth, this bag kept us warm from head to toe.
Even though there is no zipper draft tubes in the bag, its overstuffed insulation and soft poly-cotton flannel is so thick it completely seals off the zipper and prevents any cold air from sneaking up on your backside or your toes throughout a chilly mountain camp. The Grande maintained the highest interior temperature at 87 degrees. In the fact of ice, the Wenzel Grande proved its impressive insulating capabilities by keeping the lowest interior temperature at 36-degrees.


One of the largest bag we tested, the Grande get 90% score in terms of comfort. Its spacious design (3 x 38 x 81) can nearly swallow a tired camper whole. Besides, its soft, smooth, flannel lining is easy on the skin and tolerates for all of the tossing and turning that comes with sleeping away from home.
The easiest way to get a true feel for how comfortable these bags really are. None of the bags we tested even came close to the comfort we experienced in the Wenzel Grande’s naturally thick design. When we considered the combination of thick insulation of the Grande’s , its 8-ounce cotton exterior, soft flannel lining and its tough, we found that the bag is pretty comfortable even on bare rock.


Getting 70% of score, the Grande lands somewhere in the middle of the pack when it comes to features. While the bag nonexistence features like a draft tube, an interior pocket, shoulder baffles and a lifetime warranty, it does offer outstanding skill, a hearty Velcro closure tab above the zipper, and an amazing ability to double as a picnic ground cover. The Wenzel Grande is also made in the USA and comes with a limited 10-year warranty.

Packed Size

The Wenzel Grande is big, heavy, bulky and a little bit hard to roll up or stuff into its storage bag, exactly what a camp bag should be, in our opinion. The Grande comes in next to last in terms of compactness, when it comes to packed size.

Best Applications

There is no doubt about it that the Wenzel Grande is a tough, no frills, bring-your-lunch-pail-to-work, extra-large, furnace of a sleeping bag that is built to withstand years and years of chilly nights. This bag is ideal for tent, trailer, truck-bed or right-on-the-ground camping.


We cannot say enough about this bag’s value.  We feel the Grande focuses on what’s really important: warmth and comfort, which coming in at under $100. When we combined these two features with the construction quality and the price tag, it was slightly easy for us to name it as this year’s Editors’ Choice Winner.

Wenzel Grande 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

Last update was in: July 18, 2018 6:06 am
$86.72 $89.95

However, at the end we were amazed by this bag’s ability to perform at such a high level with such a relatively low price tag. Its price, comfort, warmth, size and construction quality trumps any other factor we studied and above all we can say that the Wenzel Grande is really the best sleeping bag for camping under $100.

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